HP F890G - Video Recorder


The HP F890G with a wide viewing angle of 156 ° and a high resolution of 2560 x 1440p captures all events in real time. For ease of use, it is equipped with a color large enough LCD screen and built-in microphone. In any unpredictable situation, thanks to the built-in shock sensor, acceleration, braking, you will always have the necessary video. Video recording is performed in MOV format, photos in DCF format. Menu in 13 languages, among which there is a Russian.

Includes charger from the cigarette lighter, instruction manual, Mini CD-ROM with software


High-quality video

High resolution video allows you to improve the quality of shooting, as well as detail.

120 cd / s - the DVR makes it possible to record in the modes from 30 to 120 fps

Angle of view 156 degrees - Wide viewing angle allows you to capture as much as possible all that is happening near your car.

6 layer glass lens - Improves the quality and clarity of video.


Parking system

The parking mode records everything that happens, even when you are not around, thanks to the parking mode, which takes pictures of the motion sensor and the G-sensor.


Warning about the exit from the band (LDWS). Warns the driver when there is a potential danger when the car moves away from the occupied lane. The system monitors the road markings and notifies the driver with audible or visual signals of the exit from the current band or the excess speed.


Frontal collision avoidance system (FCWS). In case of exceeding the preset speed or dangerous approach to another car, the driver receives a warning on the screen or a sound signal.