HP f720 - DVR


The HP f720 is an original and multifunctional representative. First of all, it's worth mentioning a high-quality camera: it allows you to shoot video with maximum detail of Super HD, in addition, thanks to the viewing angle of 150 °, everything that happens around the car is captured. The DVR is equipped with a high-quality battery, which is resistant to high temperatures and has the opportunity to work in parking mode for at least 24 hours. An important function that the model possesses is LDWS, a warning system about the exit from the current lane. This function monitors the road marking and the set speed, and in the event of a ramp or overspeed, plays an audible signal and displays a warning on the screen. Also help in driving, and specifically in the parking lot will have a parking marking function. The HP f720 is a bright model with a wealth of features, which has high quality and reliability.