The video recorder HP f100 shoots video in the resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Also the DVR f 100 has a viewing angle of 140 °. These characteristics ensure the recording of video in good quality with the display of a sufficiently wide space in front of the car.


Another distinctive feature of the car DVR f100 is that it is equipped with a color LCD screen 2.4 ".On it you can easily view all the recorded videos.For fixing the complete information about this or that incident the device was given a microphone.The recorded sound is broadcast through the speaker of the device .


If necessary, you will be able to take down the details of an event outside the car's interior. This is possible due to the fact that the DVR f100 has a 470 mAh battery.


Also, the DVR f100 has a G-sensor. The sensor helps the device to block from deleting files made at the time of a collision or sudden change in the speed of the machine.


The motion sensor facilitates the auto activation of the DVR f100 when it is detected by the object of movement of certain objects.


Separately, we must say that the DVR f100 is made in a miniature case. Thanks to this, the device will not obstruct the view of the roadway.