Description Video recorder Garmin babyCam (010-12377-10)


Garmin babyCam - the world's first car video nanny, works with a compatible Garmin navigator through a wireless connection. You can look after the children in the back seat, without being distracted from the main occupation - driving. The video will be broadcast directly to the screen of the navigator, which will not hurt and control the child, and at the same time receive hints about the route.


Easy installation

The camera is attached to the head restraint in just a few minutes, without the use of any additional tools. You can also easily place it at the desired angle of inclination so that it captures one or several children at once.


Ease of management

After pairing the camera with the GPS device, you can easily switch the display from the navigation mode to the babyCam mode. Go from one mode to another in one of two simple ways: with a few clicks on the screen or with the help of voice control. It is only necessary to say "Show video" and the Garmin device will automatically broadcast the image on the display.


Shooting Quality

A camera with a high resolution and night vision function will shoot under any lighting conditions.



To operate the babyCam, you can use two AA batteries or connect the camera to a car power source for uninterrupted video display on the GPS-navigator display.