Description Video recorder Garmin GDR 35 (010-11900-04)


DVR Garmin GDR 35 with GPS, sensor and display in one device, as well as exclusive support for HD additional camera - an indispensable assistant in controversial situations on the road.


Built-in G-sensor collision with adjustable sensitivity, determines the external impact on the car and goes into the protected recording mode. A built-in GPS, will allow you to capture the video speed, coordinates and route of movement.


It is also possible to connect an additional rear view camera.




GPS-positioning. With this function, you can record the track of your movement in real time, coordinates, time and speed. This information can be played on a computer using the Garmin Recorder PC Tool.

2.4-inch screen. A bright screen will help you quickly adjust the position of the recording the first time you install it, and also view the already recorded video in case of unforeseen situations.

Built-in battery and secure file storage. GDR 35 has a built-in battery that allows you to continue recording for up to 60 minutes, after turning off the external power. Thanks to this, in the event of an incident, your records will be safe.

G-sensor. The built-in G-sensor responds to vibration in the event of a collision or emergency braking. The system will automatically start recording to a protected area of memory, to securely save video files.

Support for a second camera (GBC 30 is optional). The use of two cameras allows to increase the level of safety for drivers of both cars and trucks. Video from two cameras are automatically synchronized, thanks to the new technology Garmin. You can monitor the recording of each camera separately. All this gives the owner of the car a double protection against surprises on the roads.


A lens with a large aperture and an angle of 110 degrees

GDR 35, using a lens with a large aperture, allows you to produce high-quality video recording not only in daylight conditions, but also at night. Garmin uses an exclusive technology that allows you to shoot in difficult conditions with low noise, which allows you to shoot videos and photos even in bad weather.


Alarm protection for video recording

The built-in G-sensor responds to the impact and automatically blocks access to video, to prevent image rewriting, so as not to lose important information.


Lock record button

In case of emergency, you can manually intervene in the video recording function, protecting it from accidental erasure.


Instant photo

To resolve controversial situations, you can manually take a picture using your DVR GDR 35.


Additional video camera GBC 30

With the optional rear-view video camera GBC 30, you can get additional synchronized video recording at a high resolution.


Convenient program for working with video recording

Garmin Recorder PC Tool - convenient software for working with video recorder GDR 35. You can watch the video as with the DVR itself, and with the help of special free software Garmin Recorder PC Tool. The program not only plays the video, but also shows the track of your movement on the map, speed, time, direction of movement, coordinates and direction of the impact in case of a road incident.