GARMIN DASH CAM 35 (010-01507-04)

Description DVR Garmin Dash Cam 35 (010-01507-04)


Recording with the highest clarity

Garmin Dash Cam 35 is an easy-to-use DVR with a high resolution, with an integrated GPS and LCD display of 3 ".The wide-angle lens allows full coverage of the track, built-in microphone, allows you to record sound inside the car, and the GPS module provides detailed location and time data , Accurately indicating where and when the incident occurred Set your Dash Cam on the car's windshield and record trips in 1080p or 720p format The Garmin Dash Cam keeps continuous recording while traveling, arte memory microSD 4 GB (supplied).

Also you can purchase an additional memory card of a larger size (memory cards of the 4th class up to 64 GB are supported). The footage can be played on the recorder itself or viewed on a computer.


Your reliable witness who never blinks

You no longer have to worry about starting or ending the video. If the Dash Cam 35 is connected to a power source, it continuously records. The captured images are overlaid with location and time data, so you will always know where and when the incident occurred.


The device has an "Incident Detection" function. The camera includes automatic shock detection (accelerometer) with adjustable sensitivity setting. If an unexpected situation such as sudden braking or collision occurs, the camera automatically saves the previous, current and subsequent video. Thus, a complete picture of the incident is recorded.


If you need to make detailed images of the damage after the incident, simply remove the Dash Cam 35 from the windshield and take the necessary photographs.